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WINning: The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of Opening a Women’s Shelter, written by Marsha Mildon, is about the early founders of one of the first women’s shelters in Canada. The book tells the story of how a disparate group of women (and a few men) saw a need to help women and young girls coming to Edmonton with no place to go, and found a way to address that need through pure determination in the late 1960s/early 1970s, at a time when the concept of a women’s shelter was an unknown entity — leading to the formation of WIN Houses I, II, III.

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Four of the early founders (pictured above from left to right), Ardis Beaudry, Rose-Marie McCarthy, Phyllis Ellis, and Lynn Hannley, formed a committee to produce the book in conjunction with author Marsha Mildon (below). The book chronicles the 50-year history (1970-2020) and the stories of the people and organizations who founded, funded, volunteered, and stayed at Edmonton Women’s Shelter and the subsequent shelters, WIN House I, WIN House II, and WIN House III (Carol’s House), as well as second-stage housing like WINGS of Providence (Women in Need Growing Stronger).

WINning: The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of Opening a Women’s Shelter is written by Marsha Mildon in collaboration with the Edmonton Women Sheltering Women Committee of Housing for Women Book Society, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Book Events

Thurs. November 26, 2020

CBC Radio Edmonton AM interview: Mark Connolly with Rose-Marie.

Wed. August 26, 2020 @12:00noon

Edmonton Social Planning Council “Lunch & Learn” featuring a WINning booktalk with Lynn and Rose-Marie. Register for the free Zoom session. | poster | Watch the Video |

Thurs. July 30, 2020

Edmonton Heritage Council Project Accelerator Grant Recipients “Meet & Greet” via Zoom

Wed. June 10, 2020

Grandin Media interview with WINning book personalities

Mon. June 1, 2020

virtual book launch – visit our new facebook page!

Wed. May 27, 2020

Edmonton Heritage Council book presentation

May 11-20, 2020

WINning at the printers

May 9-20, 2020

WINning announced at CWL Regions via Zoom gatherings